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Derma Patch is infused with tea tree extract and callendula oil, utilizing a hydrocolloid formula to effectively reduce size, redness, and swelling of your pimples in as little as 6 hours.


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Introducing our Body Whipped Soap with lots of skin loving ingredients from shea butter and argan oil. Creamy - Buttery - Moiosturing! Bundle includes: Unicorn Rainbow Soap (Cotton Candy), Bliss Under Sea Soap (Raspberry Vanilla), and Natural Konjac sponges.



Derma Chiara offers a complete solution for your acne-prone skin. Skin is the vital organ of the body that needs to be cared for just like other organs. With the change of every season, the skin care requirements change, and unexpected pimples and acne can can arise. Therefore your skin would need extra care. Our acne patch is easy as just 1, 2, 3, and the work is done! Derma Patch is manufactured with natural ingredients such as tea tree extract that provides an anti-inflammatory healing effect. Safe to use for all skin types. Made using modern technology and a hydrocolloid formula that protects acne from dirt and other contaminants while absorbing the excessive oil and pus. Ultra-thin to be applied both day and night. This is the perfect solution for fast relief to the stubborn acne and pimples that could ruin your confidence. Derma Chiara also provides Silicone facial massage cleansing brushes that help clear your skin and reduce acne production. Choose Derma Chiara products for the ultimate acne solution.



Quick Results! After a long day, my face can get stressed out from all the makeup I've worn. The night patches work wonders on me to ensure I have a clear face the next day. I notice they work best if you pop your zit prior to putting on the patch. Would definitely recommend!

By Sarah about Derma Patch

I'm so happy I came across these patches! I had never used something like them before since I was so used to picking my face. They have been the perfect solution to the issue. My pimples normally go away within a day at most. They're not noticeable, light, AND they stay on for hours even if you shower. I highly recommend them!

By Laura about Derma Patch

Set it and forget it

Despite the humidity where I live, I could place these and not worry about them coming off. I healed fasfter than normal and didn't feel icky when I removed them.

By T.H. about Derma Patch

I love this product! I use it to clean my face and then massage it after with collagen cream. The heat and massage makes my face feel amazing after. I also like the size as it’s suitable for traveling.

By Celeste about EMS Facial Cleasing Brush

I don’t get pimples often but I had a big one on my forehead the other day. Found this brand and they offer day and night time patches. Got the package within 3 days. I only used the night one so far and the pimple was gone by the next morning. Price is pretty reasonable compare to other brands. 

By Tony H. about Derma Patch

I work on cars and motorcycles a lot so I usually end my day with grease and oil all over my hands and arms. With some soap, I use this brush on the blue setting and literally gets rid of all the oil and grease from my hands and arms. This brush saves me tons of time and wasted water!

By Stefan about EMS Facial Cleansing Brush

This product is amazing! I have been using it a for a week now and my face has been clearing up more and more each time. It has different modes of vibrations. The bristles aren’t rough and leaves your face feeling very smooth and super clean.  It does not irritate my face after using it. 

By Belinda about EMS Facial Cleansing Brush

I'm in LOVE with this eyebrow product! I rode all day today in the summer heat. I was expecting to sweat it off, but it didn't budge. I tried everything from low to high end products. Nothing worked for me. Not only is it long lasting, but it's economical AND the application is fast. If you're in need of something long lasting, I recommend that you give this one a try. It won't disappoint.

By Laura about Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

I absolutely LOVE this pen!! I model full time and if there isn’t a makeup artist available then sometimes I do my own makeup. I absolutely LOVE how this pen works and makes my eye brows look. It also actually stays on where most eyebrow products fade or wipe off easily! I ride motorcycles and it stays on through riding and sweating in my helmet! 

By Brittany about Eyebrow Tattoo Pen