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Derma Patch Is Great For Mask Induced Acne (Maskne)

Belinda Laguna
Derma Chiara customer


August 09, 2020


My name is Belinda Laguna and I am 27 years old.  My main job is to provide Concierge service at a retirement home, however, due to COVID-19, I’ve had to wear many hats. I am a tracer, receptionist, IT, you name it. I have a lot of interaction with the residents so I am required to wear a mask, a shield, and sometimes even tight fit goggles along with gloves.  I have to wear my PPE five days a week about 8 hours each day. I am always on the go and you will hardly see me sitting down. The only time my face gets to breathe is when I go on my lunch break. I never imagined that this would become my new norm and the struggles that I would encounter and the toll it would take on my face.

Ever since we went on lockdown and started using PPE at work, I had a hard time adjusting to not wearing makeup. I was not confident in being barefaced, even though part of my face was covered by a mask. I would wear makeup the first few weeks. It is probably the worst thing I could have done to my face at the time. Not only was my face not able to breathe, but I was sweating profusely and I was encountering major breakouts on my forehead, around my mouth and all over my chin. I wanted to cry every time I looked at my face and since I was constantly stressed out, I would pick at it and make it worse. After seeing how badly my face was blotching and scarring I decided to stop wearing makeup completely to see if that would help it heal. At first it seemed to lessen my breakouts, but after a while I started breaking out again, BIG TIME! Somehow the material of the surgical masks were irritating my face, therefore I was forced to wear another mask underneath. I seriously thought that by not wearing makeup that my face would feel better, but I was wrong. I decided to do a little research with trial and error to see what would help lessen the breakouts.

The first thing I believe that needed to change was the amount of water I was drinking. I am not a big fan of drinking water and it’s an incredibly bad habit. My face was becoming dryer than the Sahara desert. I replaced sodas with water at every meal. It was hard at first, but then I got use to it. I also bought Derma Chiara patches to reduce the swelling and to get rid of all the gunk stuck in my pimples. I call them miracle patches, because in a day or two the blemishes would disappear or reduce in swelling by a great amount. I would wear them under my face mask and then take them off after 6 hours of wear. You don’t want to leave them for long, because the bacteria accumulates and you do not want to reverse the process. Aside from the patches I also bought the silicone brush from Derma Chiara. I started cleaning my face before going to work and right after I got home from work with the brush to get rid of the oily accumulation on my face. The EMS brush by Derma Chiara was very easy to use and really cleaned up my face leaving it smooth and silky.  I also bought some products from Murad. I bought a cleanser and moisturizer for the night and day. It’s always best to keep your face fully hydrated after cleansing it. All these products combined have really helped clear my face. It sounds like a lot of work, but it is fairly simple and so well worth it.

There is still a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to maskne. Not all hope is lost. I hope that my skin routine helps anyone else out there to help reduce the breakouts. I know times are tough right now and we want to tear our hair out, but with a little bit of help and research we can all fight this together.

Belinda Laguna

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